About us!

Who are we?

Smart Security Est. is an establishment specialized in security & telecom. solutions, providing the top-technologies of security & phone systems for your home, shop, office, or company. We help our clients automate their environment in home and business, while assisting them to guarantee the safety of their families and protect their possessions. Smart Security Est. was established in 2008 and "Smart Security" has been selected as our trademark.

We offer services in three areas:

                Integrated Security systems: secure & succeed!

                Cameras and monitoring systems: live with the event!

                Phone systems: manage you business!


With reliable integrated security systems, you can protect your family, home, shop, and assets from danger. We, at Smart Security, provide a wide range of security solutions, both hardwire and wireless. We are to help you achieve the highest level of your own security.
 CCTV monitoring systems help you better to protect, monitor, and manage the workflow of your business. Also, some people like to take a look on their homes while they are far away, or just keep recordings to know what is going there after they come back. A variety of cameras and monitoring systems have the ability to fit your needs whatever they are.

 Panasonic phone systems add the richness of technology to your home or office, enabling you manage your time and business more efficiently. Using Panasonic automation solutions, not only your communications will be easier, but also you can make sure that your contacts will be secure and saved.
 At Smart Security, your security is our concern. Our security solutions , in addition to what mentioned above, special alarm devices, automation products, and metal detectors. You are invited to visit our showroom and you are always most welcome. For any queries or questions, please read more about our services, or contact us at this e-mail: info@smartsecuirtyest.com


Smart Security Strategy is more than just few words to us; it represents critical attributes we use to serve our internal and external constituents:

Listen and respond to our clients' needs .

Quality in services
Demonstrate, not declare

Treat clients with trust, respect, and candor.

Helping clients with changing means since we thrive on changing ourselves.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction measures our success









Why Smart Security?

At Smart Security, we're in the business of making your life safer and easier -- from providing peace of mind that your home and business are protected. With providing you with innovative security solutions that help you keep yourself away from the danger of burglary with the latest new technology.

Our complete range of services gives you full automation for you home or business, including monitoring systems with high-quality cameras, reliable alarm systems against burglary and fire, and integrated phone systems, media databases, up-to-the-minute video and web options and more.

Use the resources on this site to help you protect your dreams accurately, manage your business, add the richness of technology to your communications and monitor the workflow in your business.

For more information on how we can help you, contact Smart Security team today.